Brand New - Barrett-Jackson Nadro Grey 550 Spyder Outlaw January 23 2016

Seduction Motorsports 550 Spyder Outlaw - Nardo Grey with 2054cc aircooled engine.

Year: 2016 (Registered as 1955)

Kilometers: 008

Color: Nardo Grey draped with Chile leatherette 

Make: 550 Spyder Outlaw

Engine: VW aircooled 2054cc high performance engine built by CB Performance

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Drivetrain: Mid-engine, Rear Wheel Drive

Weight: 1,350 lbs

Chassis: Tubular chassis built to withstand high performance, high torque, stiff racing suspension from US Grade DOM tubing. Hand built, notched, fit using a precise chassis jig then welded all in the USA. Our fabrication team has over 80 combined years of chassis fabrication and manufacturing chassis for race teams. We then had the chassis powder coated a durable wrinkle black which cleans up very easily and maintains a quality finish. Integrated rear jack points are welded to the rear of the vehicle for quick access when lifting the vehicle in a hurry. You can jack up the vehicle on the sides as well since we use a solid aluminum floor unlike other manufactures which use a fiberglass floor. At the front of the Spyder underneath you will find a quick access panel that can be dropped with 6 bolts which gives you access to the brake/clutch master cylinder, front suspension adjustability, the fuel pump and fuel filters, steering box, and horn. We call this area the service area.

Body: Our concours winning handlaid fiberglass bodies are constructed entirely here in the USA. Body is bonded to the powder coated chassis then the aluminum floor is bonded and bolted to the underside. Our fit and finish, I can say with 110% confidence is the best in the industry. Our fiberglass/body/paint team have over combined years of experience working with fiberglass component cars. These louvers increase airflow and add an Outlaw touch. These vehicles are bespoke handcrafted pieces of art, not your traditional “kit car”.

Exterior: Nardo Grey. Our fit and finish is hands down the best in the replica industry. Headlight, brake light, and turn signal trim was powder coated gloss black as well as the rear engine grilles and remaining exterior accents. We call this our Outlaw package.

Interior: Our upholstery comes from the finest upholstery shop in the states, Unique Upholstery in Scottsdale, Arizona. The “Official Upholster of Barrett-Jackson”, and they sure stand up to that title! Chile leatherette seats seamed with matching double diamond stitching. Black cam-lock lap belts were installed for safety. Premium black carpet was trimmed out and installed. We chose a Black Label Edition Nardi steering wheel. Since most of our clients are taller, we machined a shortened billet aluminum steering hub then powder coated it wrinkle black to match the chassis. Anodized black aluminum interior accents. Matching Chile leatherette with matching double diamond stitching door inserts and matching side impact bar pads were used to pull together this interior nicely. Note: I repeat, the seats have built-in dual temperature zoned heaters with a hidden switch located below the seats. Seats are on sliders and have CNC machined billet aluminum adjuster knobs that match the dash knobs and turn signal knobs. Each door handle was machined then powder coated gloss black to match the theme and CNC machined bezels were made to accent the handles in anodized black.

Wheels: Staggered 15x5.5” Wide-5 rear wheels with 15x4.5” Wide-5 front wheels powder coated in  Hyper Gloss Black then wrapped in 195/60/R15 rear Sumitomo tires and 185/65/R15. Paired nicely behind each wheel are spun aluminum disc brake covers which were painted to match the wheels. Zinc plated studs are used to secure these 5x205 wheels with zinc plated Porsche lug nuts.

Trim/Accessory Color: Black anodized aluminum interior pieces, hyper gloss black headlight housings, hyper gloss black rear engine grilles, hyper black license plate bracket, hyper gloss black “Spyder” emblems (Not installed but can be for no additional cost per Buyer's request), hyper gloss black turn signal trim. Brushed aluminum disc brake covers painted to match Hyper Black wheels. Original race spec lexan windscreen (covers driver and passenger). 304 stainless steel parking hand brake.

Engine: 2054cc Aircooled VW Type 1 – CB Performance built by Pat Downs (140 horsepower): 

  • Eagle Racing Camshafts
  • Engine Case - AS41 Dual Relief VW Universal Case
  • Maxi 30 Full Flow Oil Pump with Black Anodized Billet Cover with 3/8'' outlet
  • CB High Performance Case Kit
  • 28mm Ultralight Lifters
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Main Bearings STD
  • Rod Bearings Type-1 STD
  • Eagle Cam Gear
  • Push Rod Tubes
  • 044 Super Mag CNC Round Port (40 x 35.5) 94mm Bore
  • Thin Line Oil Sump - 1 1/2 qt.
  • Chromoly Push Rods - blank end (.035'')
  • Main Bearing Dowel Pins
  • Deflector Plates (10mm)
  • Engine Case Washer Set
  • Rubber-Coated Cam Plug
  • Flywheel - Lightweight Forged Chromoly - 200mm (o-ring seal)
  • Racing Gland Nut with Washer
  • Cylinder Head Studs - 8mm Chromoly - Dual Port
  • Camshaft Bearings – Racing
  • 74mm 4140 Forged Chromoly Crank - VW Rod Journal
  • Super Race Rods - VW rod journal - 5.500" length
  • Crankshaft Gear Assembly Kit w/Racer Spacer
  • CB Super Stock Rocker Arm Complete Kit 1.25:1 Ratio
  • End Play Shim Kit
  • Engine Case Lock Nut Kit
  • Gasket Set
  • Weld #3 Rear Case Web
  • Full Flow Case
  • BB Machine Case - Big Bore
  • Balance Complete Engine Kit
  • True-Arc Wrist Pin Locks
  • CB Speed Shop Billet Valve Covers - Black Anodized
  • Magnaspark II Kit
  • Magnaspark II2mm Wires
  • Magnaspark II Distributor
  • Magnaspark II Coil
  • Billet Distributor Clamp - Plain Finish
  • Black Fuel Pump Block Off with Dry Pack Coil Mount
  • 36hp Dog House Fan Shroud – Black (Unless upgrade to Bernie Bergmann 911 Style Fan Shroud)
  • Dual Port Cylinder Covers - Black
  • Late Model VW Cooling Fan (Welded)
  • Cooling Fan Mounting Hardware Kit
  • Stage 1 - 1700lb. 200mm Kennedy Clutch
  • Clutch Disc - 200mm
  • Racing Clutch Bolt Kit
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Cooler Adapter
  • Serpentine Belt System - Anodized Black
  • D6EA Spark Plugs - NGK Performance - 12mm - 3/4" Reach
  • Alternator Kit by CB engines
  • 200 MPH Alternator/Generator Clamp
  • 6mm Engine Cover Screws
  • 30wt Brad Penn Break-In Oil
  • XRP - #8 Male Flare to 1/2 Pipe Adapter
  • Weber Carbs - Dual 44 IDF Kit - Dual Port
  • XRP - #8 Male Flare to 3/8 Pipe Adapter
  • Super Big Bore Piston Kit (94 x 82mm Mahle)

Fueling: Custom fitted fuel tank coated in Kevlar to match the trunk space. Flush mount stainless/aluminum venter fuel cap was integrated to sit nicely hidden under the hood rather than through the hood… reason being, nobody actually fills their gas tank through the hood unless racing. Nothing like dragging a gas pump hose over your paint and risking a spill, plus washing your car with a hole in the hood is tedious. Please see fueling components list at the bottom under the Features section.

Transaxle: Seduction Motorsports 3.44 Pro-Street (Street/race) transaxle. Powdercoated in anthracite grey satin. Billet aluminum HD side plates. All internals built to withstand 300hp. Seduction Motorsports cable shifter with street/race transaxle mounts. Wilwood hydraulic clutch slave with Ni-copper alloy clutch hardline with -3AN fittings. Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum clutch fluid reservoir. PBS cable shifter with internal shifting. Warranty included.

Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes. Seduction Motorsports -3AN braided brake lines with black transparent smoke PTFE scratch resistant coating. Seduction Motorsports CNC machined billet aluminum front/rear brake reservoir.


Front Suspension: RideTech (HQ) Handling Quality Shocks with rebound adjustment for the driver who wants to tune ride quality AND handling quality to their specific taste. Offers a wide rebound adjustment range which allows you to cruise down the road in plush comfort or firm up your suspension for those weekend track days or canyon road driving! Comes with a 1,000,001 mile warranty. These are paired with a German dual adjustable front torsion beam. OEM Audi/Porsche German ball joint trailing arms powder coated black. All hardware is 316 stainless steel. Note: This entire front suspension was engineered for complete adjustment from the beam to the shocks to even the camber kit installed for those who want to dial it in for track days. Currently setup for less aggressive handling/street use.

Rear Suspension: RideTech (HQ) Handling Quality Coilovers which allow the driver to tune and adjust the shock performance and/or the ride quality at the turn of a knob located on the top of the shock body. These are a single adjustable shock, however ride height can be adjusted with included RideTech spanner wrenches. These also come with a 1,000,001 mile warranty. All the hardware is CNC machined billet. The bearings are Kevlar lined for a noise free operation. Entire body is an impact forged aluminum which provides a superior strength and reliable service.  Springs are only the best, HyperCo, which are CNC cold wound, lightweight, more resistant to bowing and increased travel with a durable powder coated finish. The rear trailing arms are tubular, welded in a jig for precision, then powder coated to match the chassis in wrinkle black. All rear suspension hardware is Grade 10.9 and 8.8 yellow chromate zinc plated for durability. We paired this with our lightweight T-6061 laser cut, TIG welded rear strut bar brace which has CNC fittings and integrated oil breather box to vent the valve covers and crankcase with optional drain back. Our Seduction Motorsports rear strut brace/oil breather bar was then powder coated Copper Penny Cast to match the engine accents and wheels. Note: This entire rear suspension was engineered for complete adjustment from the tailing arms to the coilovers and even the strut brace for those who want to dial it in for track days. Currently setup for less aggressive handling/street use.

RideTech adjustable dampening front shocks. RideTech adjustable dampening and adjustable ride height rear coilovers with HyperCo springs. Rear trailing arms powder coated to match chassis. Seduction Motorsports aluminum rear strut bar in wrinkle black powdercoat to match chassis.

Electrical: Seduction Motorsports Mil-spec wire harness. Weather-packed connectors. Dual USB charging station located hidden under dash to keep your cell phone or other electronic devices charged. H4 headlight conversion with 5,000k modern bulbs (Not HID or LED). Porsche glass fluted headlight lens. Push-start ignition. Lightweight race battery with Hella brand quick disconnect switch paired with a Seduction Motorsports CNC machined billet aluminum pull lever. OMP in-car fire suppression system with pull handle mounted on dash, all suppression lines are precisely bent aluminum tube with 3 injection nozzles in the engine bay facing each fuel rail and electronic components and an additional 3 nozzles placed nicely hidden under the dash facing the electronic board and each passenger’s foot-well.

Options: Oval interior side panels, brushed aluminum behind the interior side panels, USB ports under dash, aluminum pedal faces, shaved rear bonnet custom louvers, Outlaw powdercoat package, extra plush diamonds on interior, OMP aluminum shift knob, Seduction Motorsports quick-disconnect battery billet aluminum pull handle package, shaved torsion caps, windshield wiper delete caps, and shaved front grille. 

We can add other options per buyer’s request, including but not limited to: Ray-Dot brushed aluminum center rear view mirror, rear clamshell leather straps, decals, “Spyder” side emblems, etc. You name it, we can make it happen.

Warranty: 6 month, 6,000 mile warranty.

Features Broken Down:

Body & Chassis:

  • Hand-laid fiberglass body, built in the USA
  • DOM tubular track-inspection approved steel chassis powdercoated in wrinkle black built in the USA (Other colors are available)
  • Two stage (base & clear) paint job
  • Rear correct engine grille
  • Kevlar reinforced ultra-black undercoating sprayed inside engine compartment, trunk, and wheel wells
  • Powdercoated front & rear suspension
  • Stainless steel 316 hardware
  • Functional front brake ducts
  • Period correct rear bonnet arches with flat spot for license plate
  • Aluminum floor
  • Functional front oil cooler grille (for watercooled engines only otherwise front grille is still removable however not functional on the aircooled builds)
  • Correct lightening holes on interior bulkhead crossover
  • Correct oval shaped interior door panels (not “D” shaped like all other replica manufactures)


  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum dash knobs
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum door handle trim bezels
  • Seduction Motorsports pedal assembly with aluminum pedal faces
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum ignition trim ring
  • Original style aluminum Push-to-Start ignition button
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum turn signal knob with modified turn signal switch
  • Reproduction gauges
  • 12V waterproof power accessory plug hidden under dash
  • Dual climate premium heated seats
  • Stainless steel 316 hardware
  • Seat sliders with billet aluminum adjuster knobs
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum cable shifter firewall bulkhead bezels
  • Seduction Motorsports stainless steel Spyder parking brake assembly

Lighting & Electrical:

  • H4 Xenon upgraded headlights
  • H4 headlight housings with German parking light
  • Headlight to body seals
  • Delphi weather-packed bulb connectors
  • Original fluted headlight glass w/seals
  • Original style front & rear turn signals and lights
  • Rear license plate light with Delphi weather-packed connectors
  • Seduction Motorsports Mil-spec wire harness with Delphi weather-packed terminal connectors
  • Seduction Motorsports powdercoated aluminum fuse panel box hidden under dash

Suspension/Braking/Wheels & Tires:

  • RideTech billet aluminum bodied adjustable dampening front suspension.(1,000,001 mile warranty)
  • RideTech billet aluminum bodied adjustable dampening rear coilover suspension. (1,000,001 mile warranty)
  • Wide-5, 4 corner high performance disc brakes
  • Seduction Motorsports NiCopp Nickel Copper Alloy hard brake line with high temperature smoked black coated DOT approved flexible stainless steel braided brake lines in the front and mid-trailing arm section
  • Seduction Motorsports triple billet aluminum remote reservoirs (clutch fluid and dual brake fluids) with Wilwood clutch master cylinder
  • Premium German ball joints
  • Premium German steering box
  • Aluminum disc brake skin covers
  • 15" Wide-5 (5x205mm bolt pattern) steel wheels (Front: 15"x 4.5") (Rear: 15"x5.5")
  • Front tires: 185/65/R15
  • Rear tires: 195/60/R15
  • -3AN aluminum brake line fittings with chassis/body welded tabs and aluminum bulkhead fittings
  • Rear trailing arms
  • Rear double functioning upper strut bar and integrated oil breather box

Performance & Transaxle:

  • Seduction Motorsports NiCopp Nickel Copper Alloy hydraulic clutch cable line
  • Wilwood high performance adjustable Hydraulic clutch slave
  • Seduction Motorsports Pro-Street transaxle w/ 3.44 (or optional 3.88) ring & pinion, powdercoated matte gunmetal. Super diff, dual heavy duty aluminum side covers, welded 3-4 hubs, hardened keys, 1 piece rubber boots, all new stainless steel 316 hardware
  • -6/-8AN fuel return line and in-tank pick up fittings
  • Seduction Motorsports stainless steel 304 exhaust system with center exit and dual Magnaflow mufflers
  • Premium high torque starter
  • Premium push-lock oil hose with -AN aluminum fittings (Anodized either black or silver)
  • Electronic 12V fuel pump (500+hp rated)
  • Seduction Motorsports Pre/After dual billet aluminum fuel filters with billet aluminum mounting brackets
  • Seduction Motorsports Billet Aluminum Fuel Pressure Regulator (Optional Fuel Pressure Gauge Available)
  • -8AN fuel fittings with -8AN premium fuel line
  • -8AN oil fittings with -8AN premium oil line
  • Lightweight high-performance racing battery w/aluminum battery bracket

PRICING: Email for inquires.