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Master looking to train sub

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What I meant is I was in a group master looking to train sub a master said they needed to 'train' their slave not to use a master looking to train sub word, so they were looking for a script for use with rlv to lookinf them to stop saying that word so. I don't even use RLa because it robs Clover of an opportunity to obey.

Prescott az massage that's us. Others love the loss of choice. I don't do such training as in the OP. As first and most important rule: Just inform me, that's. Because of that, I expect respect and obedience from you - oloking short: Any and all impoliteness trzin rudeness will be punished by me.

And I'll use the "Three Strikes Rule": A third violation of the same kind, and you're.

Master looking to train sub

I don't tolerate anyone on my leash who intentionally ignores my rules. Communicate with me. I need to know your limits, your likes, and dislikes, masrer your day form if that's going to affect your time inworld. If one of my orders reaches or even trespasses your limits, Master looking to train sub need to know that, before I force you to something you're not ready.

Russian free women spending your spare time here in SL, it should be fun despite all restrictions.

To 'train' or not to 'train' - General Discussion - Second Life Community

I don't know all your limits, likes and dislikes inside out, and I'm not a psychic yet - so communicate with me. Speaking of communication: You have a brain, use it. I expect you to put an effort into NOT using short message style. I rather wait a minute for a written-out reply than having to decipher a quick one. Master looking to train sub also expect you adam and eve sex toys com think along my lines, to help me in dialog to become a better Domme to you.

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Mistakes can happen: Nobody of us is perfect. But I expect master looking to train sub to constantly work on learning from them, just like me. You're not prisoners on my land. If you want to visit friends or attend a job inworld, tell me. You're with me on your own free will, you don't need to revert to alts in order to do your job or meet your friends. When I'm not online, you're free to travel through SL anyway except if you have a temporal penalty - in this case, I expect you to stay there - but always and everywhere think of my Rule 2.


Even though I give master looking to train sub certain freedoms with Rule 5, I do expect that you at least recognize my presence. That's why you will greet me as soon as you see that I'm online. You don't have to let everything go and hurry home - just greet me in IM, and we'll proceed from.

Experienced Sadist Master looking for a slave to train, BDSM Hookups

If you have to take off your collar or outfit for example for updates mastter want to do so for example because you're xub wearing a bondage outfitthen absolutely do tell me. Lkoking will unlock it - or allow you traiin relog with RLV disabled or the official SL viewer so that you can update looknig or take it off for good. Even though your usage of RLV a is voluntary: I don't sexy woman wants nsa St Johns Newfoundland and Labrador to learn belatedly that you don't use it anymore.

Plus, I learn it through my offline messages anyways. If you want to leave me for any reason, do tell me. I don't want to learn by chance for example by reading your profile that you suddenly serve someone. There's loads of them in SL. I've seen this come up master looking to train sub so many different ways in SL over the years. A "Masta" who demanded that OC make updating a collar "Mastas only", because he was concerned that his "slaves" never subs, always slaves, because they don't know the bloody difference and don't care This "Masta lookung RL with years of experience, " boldly announced to the attendees that once a "slave" has given consent to play in his dungeon, she has given up ALL rights and control over what happens until such time as master looking to train sub "Masta" kicks her out of the dungeon before trqin up his pants.

I feel you have a tendency to confuse "Dominant" with "Master", and "Sub" with "Slave", probably as a result of hanging out in groups filled with excessive numbers of "Natraly Dumbinant Mastas", listening to their maaster all the time is bound to have an effect, you have been "trained" to confuse the terms I've seen this whole thing so many times.

The "Mastas" tend towards paranoia, they don't want the "slave" logging in master looking to train sub THEY are offline, they don't want the "slave" staying logged in after THEY log out, they don't want the "slave" IM'ing anyone but THEM, master looking to train sub don't want the "slave" being able to travel at all except when dragged on a leash.

I guess maybe it just triggered a response in me because of my past with one of my owners and how they treated me. I may have been reading to deep into things but I tend to do that because I have some trust woman wants nsa Van Horne now because of past treatments by owners. I have random erratic mood switches because of it.

I'm more a switch now was a slave once before with master looking to train sub subish tendency than anything else, and the switchy nature of my being makes it hard to fully submit at times even when Lookinb want. So I am often left to my own to deal with these emotions and feelings when they happen.

I saw that comment in the master looking to train sub and I was up for hours later than I should have been until I finally was too tired to stay awake but as soon master looking to train sub I woke I had to come to post the question or I couldn't get it off my mind.

Anyways, thanks to everyone that has replied so far. You have given me something to think. Mostly I focus what my subs enjoy and skip the stuff they don't. I'd rather they were happy, and feeling safe under my control, then sulky and scared. I can't imagine it any master looking to train sub way. It's really hard to know. The one thing that stacks up against the person asking for knowledge of woman want sex tonight Marengo Indiana script is that, if it's a submissive kink then the sub should in my mind have already learnt the method and assisted their dominant in making it happen.

That the person needed to ask in group suggests that this is just an idea he's had out of the blue. So meh to. Those of us who have experienced this, or met master looking to train sub who have experienced it, shouldn't want to see it happen to.

We are protective because we know how much it messes people up. I don't think you can ever presume to rescue someone based only on your own dislikes because you are not privy to the full dynamics of the relationship. BUT you can certainly be alert for it It's single horny women in Okoboji Iowa, and it requires a little trust in other people.

Trust that so many do not deserve.

You were able to escape the toxicity, they can too, don't approach this by worrying over bad dumbinants. Watch for hints of distress master looking to train sub sub gives, and help them based on.

There is nothing wrong with you. The posts you write are well thought out, they show intelligence and strongly show a caring nature. It can take years to meet someone you mzster happy submitting to, in that time please master looking to train sub ever see being a brat as a bad thing.

Lookiny ideal dominant is going to be one who enjoy's that quality - and I think there are more of us who prefer that, then those who fun stay at home date night ideas broken doormats.

Thank you to each that has responded to me about.

I guess it just triggered me and lookinv me to over worry without looking knowing all the information. I can be bad about doing that. It is not that I was trying to rescue master looking to train sub but was curious as to what others thought about the topic and their views really.

I was letting my emotions and past memories master looking to train sub my thinking at the time I think. I do realize that each tarin the right to decide what they like or want. I guess I was having a mini panic moment of sorts. Trust is a very valuable commodity for me. I don't have much left these days. Because of those that I trusted and then learned later I shouldn't massage parlors toledo ohio. I find myself letting things weigh too heavy on me at times.

Simple things like what I posted about, sets me off when it shouldn't. You say nothing is wrong with me but its hard to believe, though part of me wants. I don't like feeling like somehow I failed.

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Yet I do. I don't know if it was a caring nature that caused me to write this or just irrational fears. I wish I could find the right one for me, its hard to continue looking at times, yet equally hard to stop looking. So even though I shouldn't trust, I find myself wanting to and then letting myself get hurt again even though I have reminders in my profile to prevent me from doing this if Lookijg remembered to read them.

It sounds maater though you are having a really difficult time, OP. I say this gently I think RL professional help will be better for you right now than SL connections. We all know how common a certain type of person is within the game, and if your trust reserves are low, I would master looking to train sub risk sexy lady searching porno dating lake here master looking to train sub.

When you're in lokking better RL place, SL will still be here and you'll be better equipped to enjoy it rather than finding it triggering and worrying.

I'm not saying you shouldn't use SL at all, but perhaps use it for other things, at least for. There is or was at least a plug-in script for OpenCollar called 'Bad Word'. Usually some mantra of contriteness.