Watercooled Engine Packages

Complete Watercooled Engine Package (Makes your “Roller Package” for Spyders or Pre-A Coupes a complete “Turn-key Package”)

High-Performance 2.5L Subaru engine package -

Dyno broken-in and tested. 230 horsepower on pump gas. 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on our high-performance engines. Our 2.5L engine packages are built by OutFront Motorsports. OutFront has over 20 years in business with over 25 years of experience with high end Subaru & Import race engines.

  • 2.5L Subaru engine
  • Big bore (Contact us)
  • Stage 1 Port and Polish (Contact us)
  • Large CAMS (Contact us)
  • Polished valve covers
  • Polished intake manifold
  • Polished throttle body
  • Polished coolant cross-over tube
  • Polished alternator
  • -16AN aluminum weld-on bung to coolant cross-over tube
  • -16AN aluminum weld-on bung to lower thermostat housing
  • -16AN aluminum fittings for coolant lines
  • -16AN aluminum high-pressure black nylon braided hose
  • Aluminum 3” thick radiator core
  • Aluminum fan shroud
  • SPAL 12” 12V electric fan
  • Delphi weatherpacked wire harness connectors
  • Thermostat delete restrictor plate
  • Mil-Spec Subaru engine wire conversion harness
  • Stinger EMS ECU
  • Shortened mid-engine oil pan (Spyder only)
  • Shortened mid-engine oil pick-up (Spyder only)
  • Billet aluminum oil dipstick
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum oil filler neck
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum oil cap
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum coolant tube filler neck
  • Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum coolant cap cover
  • Billet aluminum engine to transaxle adapter plate
  • Subaru STI radiator cap
  • Seduction Motorsports Oil Breather Catch Can Tank
  • -8AN aluminum oil fittings
  • -8AN push-lock premium oil hose
  • OEM Subaru oil filter
  • Seduction Motorsports Subaru engine mounts w/polyurethane bushings

Watercooled Engine Options:

External Oil Cooler - $599 USD

High quality 96-row oil cooler with a single 12V electric fan powered by an in-line thermostat. switch. -8AN fittings with matching -8AN premium oil line re-routed from the engine block, relocates the oil filter for a better cooling oil system. 12V fan is then wired using Delphi weatherpacked connectors. Highly recommended if you live in a warm climate or if you intend on racing your Spyder/Coupe.