Seduction 356 Pre-A Coupe - KIT PACKAGES

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  • 356 Pre-A Body all pre-fit, doors hung, locking chrome door handles and gaskets fit and installed, chrome window door frames installed and fit to body, all door/hood/trunk gaps fit, door moldings fit and installed, hood/trunk moldings fit and installed, all door/hood/trunk latches installed and fit, headlight buckets fit and installed, dash fit and installed.
  • Horn grill holes, all lights, and dash holes all pre-cut with precision.
  • Entire body comes primed. 
  • Laser cut subframe installed and bonded. (Not plasma cut/cnc cut like other 356 kits on the market).
  • Body and tube subframe mounts to a shortened VW pan. 
  • Laser cut aluminum hood/trunk hinges.
  • Original style Pre-A dash with functional glove box.
  • Original style exterior body rain gutters above doors.
  • Original style interior a-pillars.
  • 100% Made in the USA with US materials.
  • Chrome locking door handles installed with 3 keys.
  • Chrome driver/passenger door window frame installed.


  • Single grille rear deck lid.
  • GT single grille rear deck lid with louvers. 

Easiest kit on the market. Other companies claims they build the most "advanced/easiest" kit on the market when in reality they have actually never even completed their own "kits".. We encourage you to ask them for high resolution images of a complete Coupe they built. Nothing compares to our quality, fit, and finish. Do it right the first time using a quality foundation and the end result will cost less money, enjoyable, and a true investment.

All our "KIT" packages require a 50% deposit up front to get started then the remaining 50% balance upon completion and delivery. We can arrange delivery and shipping. Please do not ask "how much is shipping" before your car is complete or before you purchase a kit, shipping rates change daily, weekly, monthly. We can however give you a rough estimate on shipping or transport based off previous kits we have shipped and the time of the year. 


NOTE: 356 Pre-A Coupe pictured has upgrades that are not included in the "BASE" Kit. Paint, aluminum 356 wheels, disc brakes, and VW pan are not included.