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Maybe you don’t have the free time or knowhow to build a complete vehicle from the ground up, we can do it for you!

Here’s a list of what comes standard in the Seduction Motorsports 550 Spyder "Turn-key" Packages.


Complete jig-welded DOM tubular frame. Includes all mounts ready to accept either VW Type 1 engines, Porsche Type 4 engines, or Subaru EJ20/25 engines and a VW Swing axle gearbox (Or IRS VW/Porsche gearboxes at an additional cost). The "Turn-key" Package can be ordered equipped with wide variety of engine/suspension combinations.

  • Includes rear trailing arms, powdercoated (Silver, Gloss Black, or Wrinkle Black).
  • Includes rear lower jack points.
  • Powdercoated frame is standard (Silver, Gloss Black, or Wrinkle Black).
  • Aluminum floor bonded and riveted to tubular frame.
  • Optional powdercoated rollbar (show-bar) configurations are available.


Hand laid laminate composite body and panels made with vinylester resin in the USA.

  • Two stage paint job.
  • Authentic style aluminum rear engine grilles.
  • Latching hood and rear bonnet with billet aluminum release lever.
  • Functional front lower grille (Upon request - No charge).
  • Functional front lower brake cooling ducts.
  • Period correct lightening holes on lower interior bulkhead.
  • Period correct rear bonnet (i.e. rear wheel arches, license plate section).
  • Period correct interior door openings
  • Period correct front/rear wheel lip arches
  • Includes all stainless steel hardware
  • Rear bonnet stainless steel hood prop
  • Kevlar undercoated wheel wells, under rear bonnet, inside complete trunk
  • Optional rear bonnet with louvers or RS scoop configurations are available.
  • Optional “shark mouth” lower grille available.

Complete Front Suspension:

Ball-joint adjustable front beam. Comes complete with all components and stainless steel fasteners.

  • RideTech (Handling Quality) HQ shocks which allow the driver to tune and adjust the shock performance and/or ride quality at the turn of a knob located on the shock body. The HQ series is a rebound single adjustable shock. 1,000,001 mile warranty included on all RideTech shocks.

Rear Suspension:

  • Powdercoated tubular rear trailing arms.
  • RideTech (Handling Quality) HQ coil-overs which allow the driver to tune and adjust the shock performance and/or ride quality at the turn of a knob located on the shock body. The HQ series is a rebound single adjustable shock. Fully adjustable ride height. 1,000,001 mile warranty included on all RideTech coil-overs.
  • HyperCo coil-over springs (spring rates are set based on your engine/frame “Turn-key” package. They come in a durable powdercoated finish.
  • Yellow zinc plated grade 10.9 hardware.

Brake Kit:

  • Wide-5 (5x205) bolt pattern disc brakes on the front and rear.
  • Ni-copper alloy hard brake lines with polished -3AN fittings.
  • Dual brake master cylinder.
  • Brake tabs welded to the frame and rear trailing arms and powdercoated. -3AN polished bulkhead fittings on all flex areas with -3AN PTFE coated (black smoke transparent in color with polished ends) stainless steel front and rear brake lines.
  • Complete emergency brake handle assembly.
  • Optional Seduction Motorsports stainless steel handbrake is available.

Complete Steering System:

  • Complete steering system using TRW heavy-duty premium manual rack from tie rod ends and fasteners to an authentic Nardi (Not a knockoff “Nardi Style”) steering wheel. (Ivory or Black Banjo steering wheels are also available at no extra cost).
  • Manual steering rack with inner and outer tie rod ends and fasteners.
  • Premium steering rack bushings and fasteners.
  • Polished shortened steering wheel hub that can adapt to Nardi and Momo wheels.
  • Steering column is affixed to the under dash roll bar (upper frame crossover).

Complete Fuel System/Parts:

Based on OE style fuel tank and system, this assembly provides everything from the gas cap to the lines, and is designed to work with carbureted or fuel injected systems.

  • OE style fuel tank with mounting tabs and stainless hardware, vents, gaskets, pick-up and fuel level sending unit. Fuel tank is coated in Kevlar undercoataing.
  • Fuel lines, connectors, and filler neck.
  • 550 Spyder style polished aluminum fuel cap with integral pressure cap, gaskets, ground strap, and fuel hose to tank with fasteners.
  • Fuel line (-6AN Push-Loc hose used on fuel injected applications) is hard-lined from front to rear besides where -AN fittings are adapted with Push-Lock hose.
  • All fuel lines are wrapped in RaceFlux reflective aluminized Kevlar aramid hose sleeve which is designed to protect hoses, wires and cables from continuous radiant heat exposure up to 500°F and short-term exposure up to 1,000°F. This light-weight sleeve reflects approximately 90% of radiant heat energy to protect sensitive components from heat exposure. The high-strength Kevlar aramid fiber layer provides excellent abrasion resistance and flame resistance without the undesirable properties and handling hazards of fiberglass.
  • Optional aluminum fuel cell with internal baffling, fuel sump, billet aluminum fill plate (setup with return feature for fuel injection however can be used for all non-fuel injected engines) is available.

Complete Cooling System/Parts (Subaru Watercooled Engine/Frame “Turn-key” Packages ONLY):

  • SPAL electric cooling fan and mounting kit and aluminum heat fan shroud.
  • Aluminum radiator with cap and in-line filler neck.
  • Radiator mount kit and stainless fasteners.
  • -16AN Nylon BLACK coated stainless steel radiator hose kit including -16AN hose ends.
  • 190 degree thermostat switch and wiring.

Engine Accessories/Exhaust:

The 550 Spyder “Turn-key” package is configured to accommodate VW Type 1, Porsche/VW Type2/4, and Subaru EJ20/EJ25 engines with various exhaust options to use other engines. “Turn-key” Packages come with required exhaust assembly adapted to engine you are using.

  • 4-2-1 TIG-welded 304 stainless steel center exit exhaust, copper gaskets, and stainless fasteners included.
  • Proper TIG-welded 304 stainless steel headers included (engine specific).
  • Dual Magnaflow stainless steel mufflers included on all exhaust systems. (02 bungs can be TIG-welded on headers at an additional cost if required).
  • Oil filter relocate mount with fittings, hoses, barbs and fasteners (VW Type 1 and Porsche/VW Type2/4 engine configurations only).
  • Accelerator push/pull cable assembly.
  • Optional oil cooler configurations available.
  • Optional fuel cooler configurations available.
  • Optional fuel surge tank configurations available.
  • Optional oil surge tank configurations available.
  • Optional oil breather box/catch can configurations available.

Gauges, Dash, and Electrical Assembly:

Integrated harness and electronic GPS gauges are just the start of our “Turn-key” packages. Dash comes complete with 3 GPS 550 Spyder gauges (optional re-faced 914 gauges are available as an upgrade), push-start ignition, custom billet aluminum light knobs, turn-signal switch, and ignition bezel.

  • Custom fit chassis wiring harness.
  • Ignition switch with 2 keys, headlight switch, three-position turn signal switch, and HELLA horn.
  • Original color LED gauge dash lights with adjustable dimmer.
  • Wiring harness mounting kit and stainless hardware includes fuse panel mount.
  • Heat shrunk, weather-packed OEM grade wiring harness.
  • High beam switch under dash.
  • Under dash USB port to charge phone, electronic accessories, lights, etc.
  • Lightweight racing battery with powdercoated battery tray mounted in the engine compartment.
  • Speedometer (programmable).
  • Tachometer. 
  • Fuel Level Gauge with fuel sending unit.
  • Oil Temperature Gauge.
  • Optional HELLA battery kill (quick-disconnect) switch mounted on battery tray is available.
  • Optional remote pull cable with billet aluminum pull knob in the interior for HELLA battery kill (quick-disconnect) switch is available.

Complete Interior Accessories:

The 550 Spyder “Turn-key” package comes with all the interior accessories you need. Premium Spyder seats, door latches, front trunk release lever, rear view mirror, and more complement the dash and gauges assembly for a full interior that is period correct. We can keep the interior authentic looking or go as far as you would like. Our upholstery shop is the Official Upholstery Shop for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Collection. Check out this full list of standard parts and assemblies.

  • 2-point CROW brand harnesses. 3” wide driver and passenger, frame mounted with grade 10.9 yellow zinc fasteners.
  • Leatherette upholstered seats (Black, red, tan)
  • Complete cockpit carpet set, black all-weather.
  • Emergency brake.
  • Authentic interior rear view mirror with fasteners.
  • Electronic gauge assembly.
  • Original style door latches, chrome inner door handles, aluminum door handle bezels.
  • Billet aluminum shifter cable rear firewall pass-through bulkhead plates.
  • Optional RHD (Right hand drive) dash and interior configuration is available.
  • Optional Ray-Dot (RDOT) aluminum fender or center dash mirrors available.
  • Optional 4-point CROW brand harnesses. 3” wide driver and passenger, frame mounted with aluminum rear firewall bezel plates and stainless hardware configurations are available.
  • Optional fire suppression systems are available.
  • Optional aluminum heal floor plates for driver/passenger configurations available.
  • Optional passenger dash grab handle available.
  • Optional authentic style 3-ovals below driver and passenger door configurations in fiberglass or aluminum available.
  • Optional aluminum skinned inner door panels available.
  • Optional aluminum skinned complete interior configurations are available.
  • Optional leather or leatherette side hip frame bar pads available.
  • Optional leather grades and colors available.
  • Optional dual zone heated seats.
  • Optional adjustable seat sliders with billet aluminum seat adjuster knob.

Exterior Accessories, Wheels/Tires, and Lighting:

Along with the quality features on the inside of the car, the 550 Spyder “Turn-key” package is loaded with premium parts on the outside.

  • 3 different windshields (windscreens) available.
  • Painted silver or polished 15”x5.5” rear aluminum wheels and 15”x4.5” front aluminum wheels.
  • Front tires: 185/65/R15.
  • Rear tires: 195/60/R15.
  • Authentic style license plate light and bracket with stainless hardware.
  • Authentic fluted HELLA style headlamp assemblies, including buckets, H4 halogen headlamps, trim rings, and fasteners, and headlight to body gaskets.
  • Authentic style front turn signal lights.
  • Authentic style rear brake lights.
  • All lighting is DOT-approved.
  • Gold plated “Spyder” fender emblems.
  • Optional GT driver’s side mirror available.
  • Optional GT passenger’s side mirror available.
  • Optional black waterproof canvas soft top with matching side screens are available.
  • Optional black waterproof canvas snap on/off canvas cockpit cover is available.
  • Optional driver’s/passenger side helmet fairing with pad configurations are available.
  • Optional front lower “non-functional” jack-points are available.
  • Optional authentic style polished aluminum flip gas cap through hood is available.
  • Optional brushed aluminum finished wheels available.
  • Optional powdercoated color wheels (Over 7,500 colors available upon request).
  • Optional polished babymoon wheel hubcaps available.
  • Optional 5x130 bolt-pattern Fuch style wheels available (requires 5x130 disc brake kit/hubs rather the standard 5x205 disc brake/hubs).
  • Optional spun aluminum disc brake covers for the center of the aluminum 5x205 Wide-5 wheels.
  • Optional UK compliance lighting packages available.

Pedal Box and Components:

Leaving the VW Beetle pedal assembly behind, the 550 Spyder “Turn-key” package utilizes a stainless steel TIG-welded pedal assembly with fasteners and all the required parts.

  • Wilwood hydraulic clutch and mounting hardware with matching Wilwood rear slave cylinder.
  • Seduction Motorsports brushed aluminum brake, clutch, and accelerator pedal faces.
  • Optional Drive-By-Wire configurations are available for fuel injected Subaru engine configurations.
  • Optional authentic style 550 Spyder pedal assembly available.
  • Optional billet aluminum front and rear brake remote fluid reservoirs with billet aluminum mounting brackets.


We made it as simple as this, all you have to do is decide on your engine package from the following options below:

  • 2054cc VW Type 1 Aircooled engine. Equipped without options at: $43,499.
  • 2276cc VW Type 1 Aircooled engine. Equipped without options at: $46,099.
  • 2840cc Porsche Type 4 Aircooled engine. Equipped without options at: $55,799.
  • 2.5L NA Subaru Watercooled engine. Equipped without options at: $55,499.
  • 2.0L Turbo Subaru Watercooled engine. Equipped without options at: $58,099.

You will need to choose your exterior paint color, frame powdercoat color, and interior upholstery colors. We arrange shipping for you. Each 550 Spyder comes with title and registration. We make it as easy as possible so you can get out and drive!