AutoFun - June 2016 - The original Porsche 550 Spyder is now normal mortals absolutely prohibitive issues. Solution? Replica!

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The original Porsche 550 Spyder is now normal mortals absolutely prohibitive issues.Solution? Replica!

Porsche 550 was actually the first purely purpose-built sports and racing car brands, unmodified from the series model. Today it is famous mainly thanks to James Dean, but you buy it for tens of millions, amount of about seventy years are the rule rather than the exception. For those who would like an easy ultimate race car, but on the brands own, there are quite a few replicas from different companies under various names.

Although often not completely accurate copies, still find enough candidates who buys it. Therefore, this business indeed half a century ago was that? Additionally, for a fraction of the originals that well today mostly rest in private collections, any wounds on the plants historians are in fact un-Christian expensive. If one wants to save a lot and has the technical prowess, buys a kit. If he only wanted to carry and enjoy, it will take longer fresh ingredients, even slightly Jeto.

On eBay is currently up for grabs Spyder Outlaw from Arizona Seduction Motorsports. This is actually a new piece built this year with only 250 km on the clock, just sort of a performance. Seduction maintaining a simple look and the proportions of the original, including rear grilles and actually drive unit. But instead of a flat four-cylinder 1.5 l some 110 horses (81 kW) simmers in front of the rear axle powerful heart. It still regards boxer originally from Volkswagen, but has a larger volume to 2065 cm 3 and it gives a charming 140 hp (103 kW). Engine built and tuned by CB Performance, manual gearbox also greatly modified, remained foursome speed.

With a weight of 617 kg, this means beautiful driving experience. The basis of the sports car's tubular frame, of course, at least Seduction floor made of aluminum. As a building material for a new body in gray Nardo, originally used for the generation of the 911 GT3 RS 997, they used a laminate. Two-seater and appropriately spartan cockpit got a black leather sofa from Unique Upholstery of Scottsdale.

The car can directly buy it for $ 55,997, that is the equivalent of over 1.34 million crowns. Even with a comprehensive six-month limited warranty 6 thousand traveled miles (9.656 km), axles, but apparently last up to one million miles, ie almost 1,610,000 kilometers. This one machine simply is nothing to criticize. Layman at first glance will know that is not the original, only missing Porsche logo. For patnáctipalcovými wheels are obviously hiding modern disc brakes, to see at first sight...

Especially on the details they have given Americans depend, precisely those do make the car! At the three-spoke wooden steering wheel and gear knob and handbrake with exposed mechanism is a joy to watch.Doors lack upholstery, so it should be! Forget stuck in the garage kit czars, this is really an outstanding job for which to be ashamed definitely do not need.