CarScoops - June 2016 - You Won't Care That This Porsche 550 Spyder Outlaw Is A Replica

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By: Bogdan Zoltan

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The 550 Spyder is one of Porsche’s iconic vehicles, as it was the firm’s first purpose-built sports-car designed for use in auto racing. That’s why the model is among the most frequently reproduced classic automobiles.

Its heritage and simple design captured the imagination of thousands, but nowadays an original 1.5-litre, 110 HP air-cooled model goes for at least $3 million. So, why not try a replica instead?

Not just any replica, though, but one that has its own distinctive character and doesn’t take itself to serious. The kind of replica that knows it’s not the real thing, and focuses its attention on other aspects, like sporting modern suspension and brakes, among the wide array of other improved components.

This stunning-looking piece, dubbed the Spyder Outlaw, it’s what we’re blabbing about, and it can be yours for $55,997, as it's available on eBay. Seductions Motorsports – the company responsible for its existence, built it on a tubular chassis made to withstand high performance, high torque, and stiff racing suspension.

It’s fiberglass body is bears the 997 GT3RS’ Nardo Grey hue, and the manufacturer describes it as bespoke handcrafted pieces of art; more so as its bolted on powder coated chassis with an aluminum floor bonded and bolted to the underside.

Powering the 1,350 lbs (612 kg) car is a modified 2056cc air-cooled VW Type 1 which develops 140 horsepower. Enough to make the little vehicle seriously enjoyable, and (possibly) a handful.

The interior features bespoke elements that go nicely with the vehicle’s overall look, and the seats are the work of Scottsdale, Arizona-based Unique Upholstery; the “official upholster of Barrett-Jackson”

In case you decide to buy it Seductions Motorsports is offering 6 month or 6,000-mile (9,656 km) warranty, but the components used on the car are top notch. For instance, front and rear suspension come with a "1,000,001-mile" (1,609,345 km) warranty - the company's words, not ours, while the transaxle is custom build to withstand 300 horsepower (in case someone decides to make an engine swap).

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