550 Spyder Stainless Steel Parking Hand Brake w/Base Ver.2

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This is for one assembled and complete Seduction Motorsports 304 stainless steel parking handbrake that will work in a Porsche 550 Spyder or 356 Speedster OUTLAW. This can also work on Spyder Kit Cars. Fits Beck (Special Edition) Spyders, Vintage Spyders, Thunder Ranch Spyders, CCW Spyders, Kitskreig Spyders, Perry Spyders, Seduction Motorsports Spyders, Martin Walker Spyders, Spyder Creations Spyders, Alloy Creations Spyders, and most any other Kit Car 550 Spyder. Slight modifications might need to be made to mount depending on your shifter box/assembly if aftermarket. 

Every component used is 304 stainless except the mounting hardware which is 316 stainless steel.

Comes with the floor redesigned mount base plate TIG welded together. The handbrake is TIG welded to the floor bracket as seen in the pictures. If it does not clear your lower interior bulkhead panel, it comes with stainless spacers in which you use below the floor mount bracket (they are hidden) and give you the clearance you need. 2 stainless 316 threaded rods come with this kit. You will need to cut one down depending on the length of your cockpit. We give them in full length so they fit all kits. Very easy install. 3 stainless steel 316 bolts mount the bracket through the floor. So you will only need to drill 3 holes to install this handbrake.

Cable shortener bracket comes with the kit (you will need to use your existing cable shorteners from your previous handbrake or Porsche/VW handbrake. If you do not have any, let us know and we can guide you in the right direction to get some).

This handbrake is internally spring loaded, we redesigned the original Spyder handbrake which ALWAYS failed with binding and broken teeth due to the poor design of the ratchet lever. Our stainless steel internal spring will not allow the 304 stainless steel teeth to bind of snap.

Includes all pieces fully assembled, 2 threaded rods, upgraded zinc plated rod end, mounting hardware, cable bracket... everything you need to bolt this parking brake into your 550 Spyder or 356 Speedster is included!