Nick's Car Blog - May 2013 - Porsche 550 Spyder Outlaw #1

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By: Nick Roshon

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My friend Daniel Verwers of Seduction Motorsports built this absolutely breathtaking Porsche 550 Spyder replica and after months of watching the build take shape it is now complete and for sale. I wanted to share some of the pictures here as a Featured Ride write-up for the month of May to hopefully help him share as well as show-off something a little more different here on my blog. For more information on the car including the asking price, visit the Seduction Motorsports website.

My favorite part of the car is the seamless marriage of old and new – the car was painted in a modern Porsche color (from a 997 GT3RS), it features a modern suspension and brake setup, and has many new and improved components that help it perform better than the original, while retaining the original look of the car. Daniel also spent a lot of time on the details such as the black headlight housings and the interior treatments to make this car really pop, and those subtle touches really do the car justice.

I spoke to Daniel a little about the car as well as his automotive history, here is what he had to share:

What are you most proud of with the car?

I am more proud of the detail in this specific build. Down to the custom Seduction Motorsports billet aluminum black anodized gas cap, black billet hardware, titanium and polished bolts/nuts. Its the attention to details that sets this 550 apart from the rest, even the little details such as hardware.

Why did you choose a 550 Spyder?

I chose the 550 Spyder because I wanted to step away from the typical Porsche Speedster tribute cars or even the American Classic Shelby AC Cobra. You see enough of those at the local coffee shop and weekly car meets, figured I’d step out of the box and build a 550 Spyder Outlaw so set it apart from every other 550 Spyder “Little Bastard – James Dean” recreation.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my girlfriend Simone Sumida for her support and patience, lots of late nights and weekends were put into this car to get it perfect and dialed in. I’d like to thank my parents Donald Verwers II and Sharon Murphy. I’d like to thank Josh Byland for all his hard work and late nights, and amazing paint job. WCD Fabrication for dropping everything and beading some welds not during their business hours. Alan and Theo at Carrera CoachWerks out of El Cajon for their support, and lastly Kevin Stramandinoli at Crown Restoration for his wealth of knowledge.

What other cars have you built in the past? What’s your favorite to-date?

I have built a wide variety of cars in the past, ranging from road course Subaru WRX’s, drag racing Honda’s, award winning Audis/VW’s. My favorite to-date would have to be this 550 Spyder just because of how unique it is. However, I have been designing an exoskeleton street/track car that will be coming out shortly to give the Ariel Atom a little run for it’s money.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your history with cars. When did you decide you wanted to do this for a living?

I got my passion for cars from my dad and grandfather. My mother’s side of the family are all into cars growing up as well. My uncle Jack Murphy was the crew chief, co-driver, and head mechanic for Ford Off-Road during the 80’s and early 90s. My uncle John Murphy has built many high performance VW sandrails and VW buggies that have been featured in HOT VW Magazine. My grandfather who passed away a couple years before I was born owned an upholstery shop in Newhall, CA and Saugus, CA and you could find him racing Stock Cars at Saugus Speedway during the 1960s. My dad, Donald Verwers II has been building cars every since I could remember, ranging from old VWs, hot rods, to American Classics. Since I went to college and majored in Finance & Business Management, I get asked quite often where I learned everything I do about working and building cars… I would have to give my dad the most credit, other than that I am self taught. Let’s just say I spend hours a day learning online and reading books, watching videos, etc… But when I need to know something immediately, I can usually give my dad a call and he can diagnose almost everything over the phone. I decided to start my company Seduction Motorsports after working in the Real Estate field sitting behind a desk and traveling quite often, eventually I found it boring. My passion has always been in cars and building things. I grew up going to car shows and race events every weekend with my brother and dad. We would go everywhere from the drag strip (Pacific Raceways) twice a week to the oval track (Spanaway Speedway or Everygreen Speedway) on the weekend…. to Good Guys car shows, NHRA Nationals, SCCA, Vintage Races, Figure 8 racing, Dirt track racing, shifter-kart racing… you name it, we were there. So, with that being said, I made the change from Real Estate to Classic Cars. I have grown up always seeing other cars built by other builders and I would think to myself… “I’d do that differently”…. or “that looks cheap, why didn’t they do this instead, it would have cost the same and looked/performed far better”. So I took my skills and knowledge and extreme attention to detail and put it to work.