SpeedBarn - May 2016 - Outlaw 1955 SM 550 Spyder

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By: Josh (Last name unknown)

Link to original article: http://speedbarn.com/2016/05/11/outlaw-1955-sm-550-spyder/

I wouldn’t call this 550 Spyder a real Porsche replica, as it is so much more than that. Seduction Motorsports custom built this outlaw and it is one amazing piece of hardware. The body, chassis and engine are all custom engineered for speed! Find this beautiful Spyder here on eBayin Chandler, Arizona with a BIN of $57,997.

This thing has to be fast! It can’t weight much over 1,200 pounds and the Subaru Boxer 4 is churning out 230 horsepower.

Look at this beautiful interior! I love the color combo and the quilted leather. Even if it isn’t fast, you’d feel fast sitting in this cockpit.

This isn’t a cheap play toy, let’s be honest you wouldn’t want to daily drive a $60k custom car with a fiberglass body. Given the modern and durable Subaru engine, I’m sure you could, but I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it. So would you DD this outlaw?

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