550 Spyder Outlaw Aluminum Lights/Wiper Dash Knob

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Precision CNC machined from high strength aluminum. These headlight and windshield wiper knobs will fit on any Speedster or Spyder with pre existing switches. Simply unscrew your plastic VW based knobs and these machined billet aluminum dash knobs screw on replacing them. The larger dash knobs are our "Outlaw" version of the dash knobs. Please browse our products if you are looking for the 1950's inspired dash pull knobs.

All of our products are engineered, manufactured, and assembled at our Chandler, Arizona facility using only the highest grade materials from US suppliers.
These dash knobs come in a set of one (1). Some applications may require two (2) or three (3) depending on if you have a headlights pull switch, windshield wiper switch, and emergency hazards switch.