Vintage 190 - Lightweight Aluminum 15" Wide-5 (5x205) Wheels

$ 159.95

Wheel: Vintage 190

Available Sizes: 15" x 4.5" and 15" x 5.5"

Wheel Finishes: Polished or Powder Coated Silver (Other finished available upon request) 

Bolt Pattern: 5x205 (Wide-5)

Applications: Porsche & VW

Required Lugs: Ball Seat


Finally a DOT-T approved lightweight aluminum wheel for the Porsche and VW Wide-5 (5x205) bolt pattern! No need to purchase those steel wheels anymore! We offer different sizes and colors, please select from the drop down menu your wheel size/width/finish. Price is per wheel. If you need a full set, make sure you select (4) and don't forget a spare tire if required (5). Back spacing is 4.0".

Vintage 190 is patent pending. 

Hubcap clips and cap screws are included with each wheel. We offer studs, lug nuts, aluminum disc/drum skin covers, and hubcaps as well. 

Polished wheels shown below. Silver wheel images will be added shortly.